New versus Used Auto Parts – When Do You Go for Either

When time comes to replace your auto parts, you are faced with the decision to go for either new parts or used parts. The choice you make heavily depends on the situation at hand. So, what choice do you go when it comes to new versus used auto parts?

New Auto Parts Pros and Cons

Going with new parts, you get to enjoy warranties. These parts also come from dealerships and so are most likely defect free.

Unfortunately, new parts can be extremely expensive and more so if your car is the expensive high end or limited edition type.

Used Parts Pros and Cons

Used parts, on the other hand, are far less expensive in comparison with the equivalent new parts. They will normally cost about half the price of the new parts. These parts can be obtained in a number of ways, including being pulled off a car junk yard or being salvaged from vehicles that have had some damage but have parts that can be redeemed.

On the downside, these parts do not have any warranties. They may also not work as expected because they may have been affected by the damage impact on the car from which they were salvaged from. So, there are no guarantees that the parts will work.

Refurbished parts

You may also opt to go for refurbished used parts. These are parts that are salvaged from the junk yard or the damaged cars, but which are taken back for checks of reliability and functionality. These are the better evils because they are both cheap (cheaper than new parts though more expensive than used parts) and safe. They also come with limited warranties.

Here is the bottom line; when faced with the question of new versus used auto parts, go for new or refurbished parts especially if you intend to keep the car. However, if you want to sell the car, you can comfortably go for used parts to ensure cost savings on repairs while keeping your car market ready.

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