How Does PartsGeek Compare With Most Other Online Car Parts Stores

Most online auto parts stores have a cluttered design, poor product photos and a lot of flashy details that make the site look very crowded. Most also stock just a few items making it very difficult for you to fulfill a complete car parts order if you need more than just one part. This is not so for Partsgeek as we shall see below.

Why PartsGeek Beats the Rest

Site navigation

It’s very hard to come across an auto parts site that has such a clear navigation as partsgeek. At the very top on the home page, they have the main pages menu, with a customer friendly search bar just below it. Then it goes ahead to list some of the most popular and best selling parts with photos just below that. You then get links to a wide variety of the other available parts that you may desire.

That is not all; they go ahead and list the products store by vehicle make and even go a step further to list some featured performance brands. The meaning of all this is that you save on time as you search for that part that you desire, making the ordering process a breeze.


It’s very clear from their site navigation that partsgeek stocks a wide variety of auto parts, be they new, used, refurbished or aftermarket parts. They put the figure of their stock items at over ten million parts which is such a huge auto parts stock database. This translates in to you never missing that part of your car that you very much need.

Simplicity and order

Combining both visual and text elements, clearly presents the many different auto parts in their stock very well in their online store. You do not have to scratch your head hard trying to find out where the part you seek is listed on this site. Needless to say, they also have a search bar that helps you to filter and narrow down your results.

So, is PartsGeek a worthwhile new and used auto parts online store to go for? There is no doubt. Our recommendation is GO FOR IT!

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