4 Tips on How to Choose Replacement Car Parts

When a car develops some mechanical problems, most people are lost for answers on whether they should go for the cheaper aftermarket car parts or whether they should go for the more expensive but original new auto parts as their replacement car parts to remedy the problem.

But truth be told; often, replacing car parts from the manufacturer may not be the best choice for your car. It is also a more expensive option in the long run. Below are some guidelines on when you should consider cutting corners with the aftermarket replacement car parts, as well as when you should go for the new parts.

How to choose replacement car parts

Regular maintenance

You should schedule regular maintenance for your car as indicated in your car manufacturer’s manual. Make sure to ask your mechanic to use aftermarket filters, fluids and other car parts during such car service visits to save you on some money. However, make sure to ask them to use only those aftermarket products that will not affect your car’s performance.

Mechanical parts

Some vehicle parts, for instance the engine components, are all produced by one supplier for the many manufacturers, including the aftermarket. This means that buying such an aftermarket part is just like buying the original equipment minus the huge costs and the brand name. So, both ways, you are safe going for either the original branded part or the aftermarket one, which means that it is better to go for the cheaper aftermarket option.

Body parts

Your vehicle’s body is the shell that protects you in the instance of a crash. Using aftermarket body parts to repair or replace damaged body parts on your car may therefore mean that you are compromising on your own safety in such a scenario. You should therefore go for the original car body parts in case of body damage as opposed to going for the aftermarket and second hand body parts.

Wear and tear parts

Replacement of certain parts of your car like the windshield wipers need not be a brain teaser. With such parts, you can comfortably go for the aftermarket replacement parts. The same for the parts like the cold air intake, fog lights, cargo liners and head lights. However, for parts like tires, car computer parts and brakes, you need to think twice before going for the aftermarket parts. It would be better going for the original replacement car parts.

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